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Kalei Gamiao  

These Moments

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Popular Hawaiian Music

Kalei Gamiao

“These Moments”

Ukulele Instrumentals for the 21st Century


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These Moments” by Kalei Gamiao

“Kalei's music and 'ukulele prowess will take the 'ukulele to new heights!”

- Herb Ohta, Jr., Award Winning Ukulele Master

“These Moments,” by Hawaii’s Kalei Gamiao, the finest of the “next generation” of ‘ukulele virtuosos, is a captivating musical journey of superb originals and formidable pop favorites. A master musician with astonishingly clean technique, and an innovative composer, this three time Na Hoku Hanohano award nominee presents his latest collection with more of what his world-wide fan base has come to expect – groundbreaking creations of pop, rock, world, classical and jazz - brilliantly modern, and in Kalei’s very own twenty first century style.

Taking his instrument to places few virtuosos dare to go, Kalei’s original songs released on “Contemporary ‘Ukulele,” in 2008, and on “Redefined” in 2012, are among the most copied among ‘ukulele musicians showing off their chops while hat tipping the master.  Balancing power and finesse, Kalei’s original handiwork on “These Moments” includes the progressive, “Funky Tango,” the adventurous “Overseas,” and “Smoothie, which Kalei describes as “one big jam.”  Also included are “Summer,” inspired by a soft island breeze, the dreamy “Heartstrings,” “These Moments,” inspired by a treasured memory,  and campanella styled “The Final Quest.”   Kalei’s dynamic take on his most requested cover, “Viva la Vida,” his all-time favorite Journey tune, “Separate Ways,” and the uber-popular “Royals,” and “Gone, Gone, Gone” are more reasons that support this next gen ukulele artist’s graduation from up-and-comer to A-Lister!    

 “Gone, Gone, Gone,”  “ Heartstrings,” “Separate Ways,” “Overseas,” “The Final Quest,” “Royals,” “Summer,” “Funky Tango,” “Smoothie,” “These Moments,” “Viva La Vida”

Contact:  Pati St John, Neos Productions, Inc., 808.625.5586 www.neosproductions.com