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Nā Leo Kauʻi Ō Hawaiʻi

Nā Leo Kauʻi Ō Hawaiʻi

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Nā Leo Kauʻi Ō Hawaiʻi – The Beautiful Sounds of Hawaiʻi, featuring twelve memorable Hawaiian and Hapa-Haole melodies by Hawaiʻiʻs finest entertainers and musicians.   

 Masterful performances by Kawika Kahiapo, Mark Yamanaka, Maunalua, Josh Tatofi, Robi Kahakalau, Chris Kamaka, Steven Espaniola, Pomaikaʻi Lyman, Shaun Reyes &  Jon Yamasato, Rodney Bejer & Eric Lee, Justin Young and Noah Campbell brilliantly express their aloha and the unsurpassed beauty of the islands. Coming alongside these outstanding artists, like the flowers woven into a lei, are many of Hawaiʻiʻs most gifted musicians - Herb Ohta, Jr., Bryan Tolentino, Del Beazley, Ben Vegas, Halehaku Seabury, Jeff Rasmussen, Salaam Tillman and Greg Sardinha.  

 With sweet vocals and treasured falsetto accompanied by rhythmic acoustic guitar seasoned with ʻukulele, slack key and the gentle strains of steel guitar, Nā Leo Kauʻi Ō Hawaiʻi – The Beautiful Sounds of Hawaiʻi  is a collection of timeless melodies that will be enjoyed for years to come.

Laupāhoehoe Hula    

Performed By: Mark Yamanaka

Kuʻu Hoa    

Performed By: Shaun Reyes and Jon Yamasato

Kipu Kai

Performed By: Pomaika‘i Lyman    

Pua Lilia  

Performed By: Josh Tatofi

Pua Lililehua

Performed By: Maunalua

Kaulana ʻO Waimanalo

Performed By: Robi Kahakalau     

My Yellow Ginger Lei

Performed By: Steven Espaniola


I'll Weave a Lei of Stars for You

Performed By: Chris Kamaka   

Nā Pua Lei ʻIlima

Performed By: Kawika Kahiapo

Mokihana Lullaby – Aloha Kaua‘i

Performed By: Rodney Bejer & Eric Lee     

E Kailua E  

Performed By: Justin Young

Sweet By and By

Performed By: Noah Campbell